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Ready to Fly?

I was born in ’81 (yes, early on one frosty morn) and I was raised on that man, I was raised to love that man and I sincerely do.

It felt like he was still everywhere when I was growing up, but is he being forgotten?

I don’t know, I try to avoid talking about anything pop culture related with millennials or younger. And he probably isn’t to the tastes of the cynical either.

For me and millions of others he was a genuinely special man.

So that trailer gave me chills and all the feels, it also managed to strike a hunka hunka bunch of nerves at the same time. How easily can you feel forgotten and actually be forgotten? I suppose everyone’s guilty of having a short memory.

I felt special once. I was made to feel special, it was a good feeling, I’d never had it before. I never felt important before, more of an afterthought than anything else. And with it came all the other feels, feeling seen, feeling heard, feeling like I mattered. And then I got to try making other people feel special too, it was a good feeling.

But then it all stopped and it broke my heart, it nearly broke me, a lot of people didn’t think I’d make it to 2022. I didn’t.

I was naïve enough to think I was important. But I wasn’t, people forgot all about me and moved on with their lives.

I felt so disposable, like the most unimportant human on the planet.

And I went off the rails bad.

I hate that all of that pain is still there, just under the surface. It may be something I have to live with for the rest of my life. A life time of grief and trauma, oh joy!

But I didn’t completely break, I’m still here and I still want that feeling back, I just need to find it somewhere else now.

I’ve got no interest in keeping people placid just too make life easier on myself, I want to be in noisy rooms filled with laughter. I want to see people get excited and passionate and made to feel like they’re special. I’m done with quiet rooms and safe spaces and walls to hide people behind.

There’s a time and a place for all of that other stuff, but THE SHOOPERY aint that place. It’s a place to feel seen and heard and it’s a place to feel special.

- Pip

working with people where life has become more about coping than living?

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