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Shooping Silent Disco!

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

I am noticing more things about this Silent Disco malarkey - doing it, more for myself than part of ‘workshop’ - opposite my house, regularly with a few people - some I know, some that I don’t… maybe it’s making it easier for me to explain.

It is not like doing a silent disco where we all listen to the same music at the same time. These are great, I love them - but this is something different. The collective energy is different - so the ‘letting go’ experience is different - it is very individual and I need to make it happen for myself. What I do have in this version is back up… others that are doing their thing alongside me - and that gives me permission to do my thing, which does give me energy.

Getting the music right is a quite essential… if a track comes on and I’m not in the mood, I lose my flow and that is a little frustrating. Sometimes what I think I want, I don’t and it’s only in the moment I know. What I like is finding out things we have all been listening to - it is so random and eclectic and I love that this is a space that makes that OK… I listen to mainly 90’s dance, and in the group this morning there was also a little Ella Fitzgerald, Abba, something classical and a bit of indie. All welcome!

At the start I only say a few things - 3-4 tracks, if you get stuck move your feet and when you’ve feel finished just walk to a new space so that we can see it coming to an end. I don’t think I realised how important these little comments were.

The moving your feet thing- for some it is about being grounded and it helps them get/keep going, and for others it is movement they can do - so even when it feels icky, they are still in and moving through it. Move your feet - is a way to join in even when it’s hard.

The moving to a new space thing at the end, works because there is no hard ending. We find the ending and make it together - endings are sometimes awkward - I like this one. We stand around and chat for 5 minutes and then we go home. Some people I have only met through doing this, and now we have been dancing for a few weeks it would be lovely to do something social together where we actually chat - but there is something about only knowing people because we dance together - it feels OK, it’s light.

There are a few things people have said, just in passing as we arrive or leave- and they are difficult things, life is tough. Sometimes we don’t need a big space to say things, followed by conversations- we just need a small space in passing to say something out loud.

One week someone sent me a text saying ‘do you close your eyes?’ I loved this text, although I am not sure I responded well in the moment- some people do and some people don’t. When you have choice and it’s up to you how you are, sometimes that is more awkward - if we just all do the same, the perception is that it’s easier. Anyway waffle waffle…. I have noticed that sometimes I do close my eyes and others do - but there are these moments when you catch someone else’s eye and both of you smile - it’s so noticeable because it doesn’t happen all the time and that is where some kind of collective energy comes from - those moments.

This morning someone started spinning… I love spinning and I really enjoy watching others - I feel like it is a movement of ultimate freedom!! I have to say I was a little jealous, my body didn’t feel like spinning today and I don’t think I have got there any week yet, but it was great to see it.

And lastly before I really do go in to overanalysing mode (probably already there!)


I want to mention the feeling of doing this early doors, outside. I am not a morning person, before I started doing this I felt like early morning was for runners and people with dogs - I am neither. But the AIR, the AIR at 6.30 in the morning feels and smells so good!! I really do sound like a freak now! I will stop.

Some weeks there are 3 of us, some weeks there are 10… all are wonderful. All you need to make it happen is your phone, headphones and a little bit of back up.

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