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  • What is SHOOP®?

SHOOP® is positive, upbeat, ambitious, out of your comfort zone experiences
when you do them with others your heart beats and you let go

  • Why did we start SHOOPING?

We first started SHOOPING because we felt overloaded and we needed to let go. 

We needed space to not care, to not over think and not to fear looking silly. We wanted to feel different. 
We wanted some light and we got it from each other. 

pip, Catherine and Alfie founded the SHOOPERY because they wanted to focus on making these moments of pure freedom part of real life. 

pip the SHOOPERY #SHOOPERY #SHOOP#SHOOPERS #EverydayPeople #inRealLife #XpressYOURself
Alfie the SHOOPERY #SHOOPERY #SHOOP#SHOOPERS #EverydayPeople #inRealLife #XpressYOURself
Catherine the SHOOPERY #SHOOPERY #SHOOP#SHOOPERS #EverydayPeople #inRealLife #XpressYOURse




  • The goal of SHOOPING?

When life becomes serious, we become serious. Life is overwhelming.
We can find ways to push through or tune out, both are exhausting. 

As we grow older the need to become “professional” and “have our shit together” can take over.
It can feel like there is no room for mistakes or fun or you. 

When there is fear of judgement and the need for others approval we start living in the safe world that is our comfort zone. Life becomes meh. 

Sometimes there is just too much thinking and we need to free ourselves up.

Through SHOOPING we found hidden gems that helped us to trust ourselves.
We found the energy and want to be with other people.
We started to move forward. 

When we make space to let go we stop coping and start living

  • How do we work?

Our approach is to make it possible to SHOOP® anywhere, anytime.

SHOOP® works best alongside what you already do. Small moments of SHOOP® in real life.

In house SHOOPERS make SHOOP® part of real life. This can be supported through staff teams or peer support groups - anyone can make SHOOP® happen. Your ‘license to SHOOP®’ includes training, resources and ongoing community support. 

Maybe you are curious about what will happen when you make space to let go and SHOOP® with people you know. 
Our 2-3 hour 'experience SHOOP
®' workshops light a fire for new things to happen. We have worked with wellbeing teams at University, NHS staff, whole company teams through HR and community groups. People have worked with us because they want something to change, they care about wellbeing, they are talking about mental health, and / or they want better relationships and conversations. 

® silent disco' is a brilliant way to experience what letting go feels like. This is not about disco lights, parties or alcohol - but it is about the freedom these events create. We make it normal to dance in the office, at reception, in a lift. 5 minutes in a day is all it takes. You can hire equipment from us or combine this with a SHOOP® experience to make SHOOP® part of real life at work. 



the SHOOPERY #SHOOPERY #SHOOP#SHOOPERS #EverydayPeople #inRealLife #XpressYOURself
  • How much does it cost to work with us?

For every SHOOP® workshop or event we bring 2-3 facilitators, lots of SHOOP® resources including XpressYOURself cards, mats and games, silent disco headphones and tunes. 

We take photographs specifically to capture moments of freedom and we share these with you, along with the conversations we have about letting go. 

Hire of resources starts from £270 and working with us in person from £850. We would love to talk to you about SHOOP
® and how to make it happen with you. 

"The 'Letting Go' workshop has been a transformative experience for our Welfare and Inclusion officers,
paving the way for increased freedom and support in welcoming new members to our community.
This workshop has undeniably enriched our team's capacity to provide meaningful support to our student body.

Thank you once again to the Shoopery team for their exceptional work.
Your contributions are invaluable, and we look forward to continued collaboration in the future."

- Kyle Jordan
Empowering Futures Student Engagement Coordinator
Staffordshire University Student's Union


to the SHOOPERY!



thanks - you rock!


(you might wanna go & check your spam)​​

the SHOOPERY #SHOOPERY #SHOOP #SHOOPERS #EverydayPeople #inRealLife #XpressYOURself
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