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I think my confidence comes in waves...

yeah... that's what I just said...

It’s not there all the time.

Working alongside Pip and developing THE SHOOPERY - I have noticed people describe us as confident and extrovert people

because of what we do, but oh boy does it take energy

- a huge run up and a total leap of faith.

I don’t think it helps to be defined as either confident or unconfident, because there are circumstances that we can create or that are made for us, when we can be at our best and do more… and there are situations when we can feel totally walloped and squashed. There are not many reasons I would ever put an expert hat on us but we are expert at starting over and doing things we didn’t think we would do.

We have both done it a lot because of… life.

Living with anxiety and trauma is real and it’s everyday. It’s heart palpations, sweat, hiding, anger, sadness, total darkness and everyday we meet it, start again and do things. And we do it because we have learnt how to play, those skills we carry with us in our back pocket and when we’re together or we meet a fellow ‘player’ we just start playing.

There is so much written, shared and understood about things to calm, rest and breathe (all useful in their own way, at times) but we have found that play meets our need to feel different, feel alive and able to do more.

When we chat to a group before a SHOOP day we can be met with

"so what are you going to get us to do then"… the fear is real - we know it…

but THE SHOOPERY isn’t about getting you to do anything,

especially anything you don’t want to do.

At THE SHOOPERY you are in total control.

THE SHOOPERY is where to go to let go, and we have skills to share

to help make that happen - driven by you,

so that you can take your SHOOP away, in your back pocket,

for use everyday in real life.

- Catherine

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