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the SHOOPERY #EverydayPeople #inRealLife #XpressYOURself mental health you

getting SHOOPY with it

4 - 6hrs in person workshop
8 - 15 people

this workshop is for young people aged 14 - 25 or for a team or group who want to start new conversations about wellbeing


Experience letting go and find out what gets in the way and what helps, to do this we focus on - 

  • building relationship

  • creating permission for instinct

  • entering the stretch zone where fear disappears and excitement lives

Pip and Catherine will facilitate this learning experience across 4 - 6 hrs depending on the right balance of play, conversation, food and comfort breaks for you and your group

all we need to get started is a clear space that is preferably not overlooked with enough chairs for everyone involved.

we can make the rest happen

the SHOOPERY #EverydayPeople #inRealLife #XpressYOURself mental health you
the SHOOPERY #EverydayPeople #inRealLife #XpressYOURself mental health you
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What is the SHOOPERY?
the SHOOPERY is where to go to let go, and if we make space for this in life we will stop coping and start living

What is SHOOP?
SHOOP is positive, upbeat, ambitious, out of your comfort zone experiences and when you do them, with others, surprising & random things happen - your heart beats and you let go

How do we SHOOP?
We use movement, improv and play as a starting point to switch off the brain, trust instinct and get back up
we chat about what letting go feels like, what gets in the way and what helps

SHOOP to feel SEEN
to know YOU MATTER

"when we feel valued, we are appreciated, respected, and recognized -
when we add value, we are able to make a contribution or make a difference"

From here we can find your SHOOP

coc ideas (35).png
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