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if you want to set up a silent disco in your town it's easy
(you don't really even need our permission,
but it's nice to have back-up)

Thanks! you'll Rock your silent disco!


Fill out the form here to send us the information you would like to share and we will add a sign up button to for your disco in your location for people to register at.


Then you can share this link with people so they can sign up. 


When people sign up you will be sent their contact details so that you can check in and keep in touch. 


We can share with you top tips to send to people before they arrive

and to let them know what to expect.


You don’t need big numbers- remember to do it for yourself. We think you and 2 other people is great, to get it started - 3 dancing together works a treat,

and then if others join you - bonus!


You don’t need any equipment or kit to get going - this is just like going for a run in the park with a few mates - you are not responsible… you can just do it!

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