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 a SHOOP dance every Monday

7:00 - 8:00 pm in Market Harborough

(Core Dance Studios)

a silent disco every Friday

6:30 - 7:00 am in Market Harborough

(Logan St Park - don't forget to bring headphones & something to listen to!)

submit your phone number in the form here

(we'll message you via whatsapp)

Thanks! See you there!

somewhere to give yourself permission to let go

that fear of freezing or looking stupid I really get - but who knows something great might happen when the heart beats and you let go

promenade studios

photos by

"How liberating to just go for it"

"I really got lost in the moment and I didn’t think I would"

"I really needed that, and I didn’t know it"

we all make this happen It’s not a class, nor a workshop It’s a chance to dance and let go!
* your contact details will be stored by THE SHOOPERY and the lead for the Silent Disco in your area.
we will not share your details with anyone else

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