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Here goes nothing, I say that a lot. I say a lot of things and sometimes I feel like I’m not being heard or seen but actually I’ve realised it’s about showing yourself to the right people. It’s having the courage to find those people who just see you.

They can see all the other stuff that’s going on in the background and they don’t care coz they have their own shit too. Finding those people feels fucking awesome!

At first it’s scary and it’s still scary now because it could all just end. But I have to make the most of it now.

If I spend too much time thinking about all the reasons I shouldn’t I will never get the opportunity to do what I should.

I should allow myself to just have fun being seen by those few people. I don’t need many more people to see me right now.

I don’t need to be seen all the time by everyone because just being seen for a few days here and there is so good it makes up for the other times a bit more.

Everyone should have someone who sees them. Someone you don’t have to hide from when you're having a meltdown, snotting everywhere.

And if not then find one. Take that step and find someone who just gets you.

- Alfie

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