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Updated: Oct 24, 2022

So #BeeWell just happened and I’m still trying to wrap my head around it - but really we just need to pay attention to what those that joined in said - because they rocked it.

With 200 people staring at us, on a stage with microphones - we had to work a little differently to usual.

We wanted to create an experience for people to know what it feels like to let go and this is what we learnt...

A chance to trust instinct and express self...

"Being me - free from stress"

"It feels like I'm in a room full of people and I don't act like I normally would"

Back-up is essential…

"Friends help me to let go"

"Not being judged helps"

"The voices in my head can stop me"

It is a challenge to come out of your comfort zone…

"Letting go feels like going and accepting a new world"

"Being free means anything can happen"

Having fun makes a difference…

"It feels like a weight has lifted off my chest"

"Slay Queen”

Momentum just gathered as the morning went on. We mingled and casually handed out glow sticks - implying that something might happen.

Gathering together in a huge empty space and playing games that are noisy and chaotic - inviting anything to happen.

Making sure that we are all working together to create the vibe and support one another to be what they can be in the moment.

Making the most of the environment we are in - home of the Warehouse Project- with lighting and sound to support us to JUMP and let go.

Letting go feels like just being able to be me without negative comments

The way the whole #BeeWell event is designed shows that people do get what makes a difference to young people and their wellbeing.

There was space to sit, curl up and chill out, space to create and make, space to be physical and play, space to listen, chat and find out stuff.

#BeeWell is a wellbeing programme led by the University of Manchester, the Anna Freud Centre, the Greater Manchester Combined Authority and the Gregson Family Foundation, that combines academic expertise with youth-led change to make the wellbeing of young people everybody’s business.

And we got to be part of it - an experience that I am sure we will talk about for a long time.

I am left thinking what next because we could do with these spaces, just in the everyday - part of school life, college life, university life - what does space to let go look like for your students and staff?

We’ve got some ideas so get in touch if you would like to talk/ SHOOP more :)

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