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Grand Designs...

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Where we are at….

We have grand plans…..

But is it unrealistic to set our expectations at grand?

We are doing something new and chatting to people about it is great because we get to practice what we say, the more we say it the more we figure it out what is important.

What are you hearing when we talk about SHOOP?

At the same time we are trying to establish the serious business of setting up a company and that can make our heads seriously over think, a continuous cycle of…

‘We just need to do it, get out there and do it’

‘Legal stuff, lets do that next because it’s important’

‘Show me the money’

‘When we have that in place, we will be able to do x y and z….. but we don’t get ‘that’ in place so is possible to still do Y.’

‘So and so liked our post- what does that mean?’

‘They don’t get it… I don’t care… do we care… should we do something about that…. They don’t get it…. I get it.’

‘Money, money, money’

‘This book says this…. I read a blog and it says do this… I have this voice in my head and it’s saying we should do this.’

‘Well today there are no double ups of daisies on the website’

‘Can we talk about money?’

No really can we talk about money… as a start up it feels like this is the bit you do in secret behind closed doors, It can feel a bit like what we are doing is not worth anything, it has no value until money is involved.

I have been here before, setting up a company from scratch- when I was continuously told to fake it till I made it. I don’t like it.

Someday soon the money will come- we will write the right application at the right time, or meet the right person at the right time… until then…

I will keep getting my energy from Pip and Alfie and from anyone we work with/ have worked with who feels different from SHOOP.

They talk about new things or just go and do something new- it happens everytime and that means we are on to something pretty special.

We all need back up, especially when our brains are fucking with us and SHOOP helps;

positive, fun, upbeat, ambitious, out of your comfort zone, not mundane- and seen.

I’ll stick at grand thinking for now.....

- Catherine

🔽 Now go buy SHOOP a koffee! 🔽

- Pip

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