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the SHOOPERY #SHOOPERY #SHOOP#SHOOPERS #EverydayPeople #inRealLife #XpressYOURself
the SHOOPERY #SHOOPERY #SHOOP#SHOOPERS #EverydayPeople #inRealLife #XpressYOURself
the SHOOPERY #SHOOPERY #SHOOP#SHOOPERS #EverydayPeople #inRealLife #XpressYOURself
the SHOOPERY #SHOOPERY #SHOOP#SHOOPERS #EverydayPeople #inRealLife #XpressYOURself

we are looking for SHOOP® facilitators in Manchester

What we are looking for...

  • A SHOOPER supports other people to SHOOP®

  • SHOOP® is postive, up beat, ambitious out of your comfort zone experiences and when you do them with others your heart beats and you let go

  • How you are with people is what we are most interested in:

  • we need you to ooze positive vibes and connect with people in an upbeat way

  • we want you to know how to get alongside people in a way that makes space for them and you can be yourself

  • we are not teachers we often lead from the side and not always from the front

  • we are interested in how you listen and notice - how you pay attention to what people give you

  • your ability to be in the moment is quite important. We plan, but we also throw away our plans

  • being open to relearning is important - your openness to jump in to new things, it‘s o.k to make mistakes and try again 

Secondly in terms of practice and what we actually deliver...

  • Our practice is based on making invitations that can lead to positive experiences if people take them up

  • We work in movement, improvisation and play and we are looking for experience in at least one of these areas. This may come from performance art training or experience, or work you are already doing. You do not need to have a formal qualification in this area
  • We aim to be light. There is a lot of humour in our work and this often comes from connection with people rather than any ability be funny

  • We support people to reflect on their experiences and self reflection is a key skill

  • Often the people we work with talk about their lives and share stories, of sometimes difficult experiences. Our role here is to listen and acknowledge, not to advise or fix

  • We are looking for people to work as part of a team and facilitate workshops across half or full days with small groups and occassionally at events with large groups

Finally the practicalities ...

  • Our work requires a lot of energy. The work is both physically and emotionally demanding and we travel all over the UK

  • We are looking for one or two people who ideally are based in or around Manchester. We do a lot of work in the North West

  • We are looking to work with people, in the short term, on a freelance contract. The work is ad-hoc and potentially 1 or 2 days a month. We aim for this to grow and develop over 2024

  • We work with children, young people and adults in education, community and corporate settings - our work is varied, and we are happy to hear about your specialisms within these areas

  • We will talk to you about our facilitator fees after application as these have varied in the past. However if you have a set fee for half days or full days please let us know in your application

  • We cover all travel and accommodation expenses and provide a budget for refreshments

  • If you have access to a car this can be useful for carrying equipment- however we can work around this and find alternatives

  • You would need your own public liability insurance for the work but we can support with this and talk about options

  • If you are successful in joining our team we would do a DBS check and provide a variety of training before you start working with us

  • Our teams strength is it’s diversity - with a whole variety of experiences, knowledge and perspectives. We really want to get to know the people we work with and life does not always have to have gone to plan for you to join us. We value honesty and openness and spend time together as a team SHOOPING

  • Our whole team meets weekly on zoom on Fridays at 10.30am for one hour. Whenever you can it would be great if you can join us

What do we need from you?

  • Ideally we would like you to send us a video of you talking to camera

  • This does not need to be professionally edited and can be filmed on your phone

  • Please respond to the points above and how your experience and/ or training to date makes you a SHOOPER. You can also let us know why you would like to work with us

  • Feel free to ask us questions in your video and then we can get to these if we take your application further

  • You can read futher information about our work on our website*

  • If you can’t get your head around the video please send us an email with your responses

  • Please share with us any photographs or links to your work to support your application

  • You can email your films and responses to


You may need to use a service like WeTransfer to send us your film

the SHOOPERY #SHOOPERY #SHOOP#SHOOPERS #EverydayPeople #inRealLife #XpressYOURself
the SHOOPERY #SHOOPERY #SHOOP#SHOOPERS #EverydayPeople #inRealLife #XpressYOURself

What we will do next...

  • We are a very small team, working for other companies besides the SHOOPERY

  • We will get back to you about your application, so if you don’t hear from us, please contact us again

  • The next stage will be for you to meet us at a paid training / learning / interview opportunity

  • We are looking for applications to be submitted by Monday the 12th of February and we have a paid training / learning / interview opportunity in Manchester on the 22nd - 25th of February, where we may ask to meet you

  • We will aim to share feedback with you if we are not going to take your application forward to the next stage. However this might not be possible depending on the number of applications

  • We understand that people might need additional support or have questions at any time during this process. We are always open to this. If we share information with someone that we think will be useful to everyone we will make this available as this process evolves

Here's Catherine...

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