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be one of the first 100 SHOOPERSlicense to SHOOP #licensetoSHOOP the SHOOPERY #SHOOPERY #S
the SHOOPERY #SHOOPERY #SHOOP #SHOOPERS #EverydayPeople #inRealLife #XpressYOURself
license to SHOOP #licensetoSHOOP the SHOOPERY #SHOOPERY #SHOOP#SHOOPERS #EverydayPeople #i

When you SHOOP® with others, your heart beats and you let go. 
Training and experiences for people who work with teams and groups. 
Learn how to SHOOP
® and make it easy to let go anywhere, anytime 
so that together we stop coping and start living

license to SHOOP®

How to become a SHOOPER & make space to let go...

1. Book in your license to SHOOP® training day
All our training is in person
We recommend a group of 10 - 15 SHOOPERS per training group

2. Get your license
As soon as you complete your training, you will be licensed to start hosting SHOOP
® groups and making SHOOP® happen, anywhere, anytime

3. Join the SHOOPER network
The best teaching tools + resources at your fingertips to make SHOOP
® happen anywhere, anytime, ensuring your success as a SHOOPER

 654 people became a part of the SHOOPERY in 2023 and now the first 12 people have become SHOOPERS, do you want to be one of the

“I think the training has been very beneficial.
I feel that I have better insight into how I can encourage fellow staff and patients to
'let go' and consider doing things differently.
I personally feel that
SHOOP® has increased the acceptability of
fun, relaxed, compassionate workplaces which are all beneficial factors towards open,
honest communication with staff and patients.
I think
SHOOP® has also highlighted how difficult it is to let go,
to be compassionate towards ourselves, to have fun etc... it is harder for some, more than others!
And that's okay too. It's about adjusting the approach and strength/dose, lol.
Thank you very much!”

NHS Associate Psychological Practitioner,
Older Adults CMHT
Cheshire and Wirral Partnership, NHS Foundation Trust

What you’ll get
With your SHOOP
® training, you'll get everything you need 
to jump in to SHOOPER success.

Once you complete your training, 
you will receive your license and can start hosting SHOOP
® groups anywhere, anytime.
This includes at scheduled times and spontaneously in the moment. 

The SHOOP® way is unique and revolutionary in wellbeing and mental health care. The combination of three elements to the formula results in a special, new, and dynamic fitness experience!

Learn, grow, and have some freakin' FUN! You'll leave understanding the SHOOP® basic games, invitations, frameworks and how to make this your own. 
Create safe space to support others to let go. 

Whether your training is online or in-person, you'll have access to a Zumba® Education Specialist to guide you every step of the way.

the SHOOP way
to know how to be with someone when they don‘t feel great

1. Connection first - becoming present - yield - breathe

2. Invitations - snowball

3. reflect and record - accept and action

the SHOOPERY #SHOOPERY #SHOOP#SHOOPERS #EverydayPeople #inRealLife #XpressYOURself
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