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pages I've thought of so far:

  • home/splash page (mission statement, maybe some quotes?)

  • detailed about (history, purpose, motivation, who's who)

  • past work

  • impact

  • upcoming/new

  • contact

  • boring policy stuff

what I may need:

  • mostly/hopefully some artwork from Tracey:

  • all versions of the logos

  • the logo font for page headings: (depending on what's easier for her - if we chat about the headings it might be easier if they're pre-made as images - long term it may be useful for the website if it's a complete uploaded font)

  • any new artwork (see ideas below) to match the octopus - which looks like it was made with textured paper

  • icons to match the style and colour of the octopus for anything you want to link to - twitter, facebook, etc

coc ideas (27)_edited.png

after all colours were signed off we could coordinate with Tracey before she makes anything new

some ideas:

  • with curators of change bringing people's stories to light I thought of the lighthouse as the most obvious symbol for this - but I also like the idea of a message in a bottle

  • the compass accompanying the octopus - maybe an additional one to use for bullet points

or you might want something more pirate?

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coc ideas (24)_edited.png

I thought the lighthouse/message in a bottle could be towards the top of each page accompanying the site menu and then as you scroll down the page you go underwater - eventually hitting the bottom of the ocean by the time you reach the footer - I also thought the message in a bottle could be used for a future blog page or for people to contact you

coc ideas (22)_edited.png

I have some questions about patterns/styles that you like - had a look at some nautical ones - they are a bit basic and OTT

potential colour palette:

coc ideas (16).png
coc ideas (17).png

I've used your teal with the navy as your core colours, the orange & pink as impact colours (either or both) and the final two as background colours

alternative banners:

coc ideas (27)_edited_edited.png
coc ideas (15)_edited.png

impact box A

impact box B

some potential subheader/body text fonts:

work sans semi bold

clarendon LT

suez one

chelsea market

rubik medium

raleway semi bold

barlow medium

bai jamjuree

poppins semi bold




helvetica bold

coc ideas (27)_edited.png

and some more I've uploaded:

coc ideas (25)_edited.png
coc ideas (26)_edited.png
coc ideas (11)_edited.png

and some newer ones...


some ideas about a potential background for the site and my idea for the footer - it can be animated or not (the background could be too - might be jarring though - I'm still playing with the colours of it and the opacity)

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